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    Civil Ceremony Details

    When you have made your provisional reservation at The White Hart, you need to contact the Superintendent Registrar at:

    Oldham Registry Office,
    Chadderton Town Hall,
    Middleton Road, Chadderton,
    Oldham, OL9 6PP
    Telephone 0161 770 8960,

    Notice must then be given, in person, to the Superintendent Registrar in the area where each member of the couple lives (as soon as possible, but within 12 months of the marriage). This notice must then be collected and delivered, by a member of the couple, to the Registrar attending the ceremony, if not in the Oldham district. Only a non-religious ceremony, music and readings are permitted by the Registrar.

    Copyrights for music used and for any readings, etc. is the couple’s responsibility.