This section is aptly named “From Manchester to…” but what if we were to go “From Manchester to Manchester” not the city, not the leafy suburbs but actually right towards the North East?

Nothing rounds off the weekend quite like a Sunday roast – and if you don’t have to do the washing up afterwards, all the better. The ultimate comfort meal takes many forms in Manchester, from classic

This pub in the Oldham village of Lydgate offers the key ingredients for a relaxing rural getaway: great food, comfortable bedrooms and views over the moors. And the food really stands out

There’s no better way to spend the weekend than a long leisurely visit to one of our glorious countryside pubs. Sitting outside and supping on a pint when the sun comes out

I had heard fantastic things about The White Hart at Lydgate, and it brought me no end of enjoyment to experience this fantastic pub for myself.
Nestled in a Saddleworth village

Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday mum. Hopefully this shout out will replace me actually having to put my hand in my wallet and buy you either a present or a card. I’m just not into that.

On a bitterly cold day, there’s nothing better than curling up by a roaring fire – preferably with a pint or two.
Autumn and winter afternoons are made for hunkering down in a cosy pub and we’ve

The thing about restaurants is you really don’t need a huge marketing budget to make great food. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite. Yes it helps if you have the dough to let people know you’re

Come and eat at the top o’ hill, they said. There’ll be roaring fires, they promised. It’ll be stotting down outside and you’ll be glad to be in a building with a roof, they insisted. OK, I made that

Built in 1788, the White Hart at Lydgate offers charming, expansive views from its hilltop location on the outskirts of Oldham. As an upscale inn-with-rooms, it also promises several dining options

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Civil Ceremony Details

When you have made your provisional reservation at The White Hart, you need to contact the Superintendent Registrar at:

Oldham Registry Office,
Chadderton Town Hall,
Middleton Road, Chadderton,
Oldham, OL9 6PP
Telephone 0161 770 8960,

Notice must then be given, in person, to the Superintendent Registrar in the area where each member of the couple lives (as soon as possible, but within 12 months of the marriage). This notice must then be collected and delivered, by a member of the couple, to the Registrar attending the ceremony, if not in the Oldham district. Only a non-religious ceremony, music and readings are permitted by the Registrar.

Copyrights for music used and for any readings, etc. is the couple’s responsibility.